Are You Dating Mr. Wrong? 10 Dangerous Personality Traits To Watch Out For...

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Published: 18th June 2008
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Are You Dating Mr. Wrong?

10 Dangerous Personality Traits To Watch Out For...

by Cyndi Strauss

1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I'm sure we've all dated this man, or should I say men. One second they love you the next second can't stand you? All the while you're sitting there with your head spinning wondering, when the next 'episode' is going to take place. My advice to this man, and you know who you are: pump some Midol! Women are emotional enough and we what we NEED is a man with a good head on his shoulders and some balance. If you are Dr. Jekyll, great, we love dating doctors. But if you're Mr. Hyde it's time to pull your head out of your... umm, I mean out of the clouds and kill the beast within.

2. Mr. Temper Tantrum

Whaaah! You're not doing what I want so I'm going to sit here pout, scream and throw a fit. These are the moments I'd love to have recorded! Can you imagine the look on your mans face as you give him an instant replay of his infantile behavior? Priceless. Ah, but alas these moments are never recorded except for in the searing of our minds, and available only to us as an unpleasant reminders of love gone sour. If you've already got kids, or really want them it's important NOT to get hooked up with this man. It's a recipe for unwanted stress in the time of your life that should be your best! The great thing about Mr. Temper Tantrum is he'll show up very early into your relationship. Yep, just in time for you to bail. Vio con dios my darling!

3. Mr. Blame

This man will rip your heart out and feed it to you for breakfast, IF you let him. This is the typical "IF" man. IF only you would have done it this way. IF only you wouldn't have done that. This is a man who will never take responsibility for his negative actions. Why should he? After all, it's your fault anyhow. This man is a hard one to pinpoint, because of his cunning and clever ability to push the blame off. Guard your heart against this one girls, he's a snake.

4. Mr. Friendless

This man doesn't really have any of his own friends. He'll just glom on to yours and call them his own. What's worse, he won't TRY to meet any of his own either. There's a REASON this man doesn't have any other friends. Usually this type is clingy and manipulative, always wanting 'only' you to hang out with and suck the life out of. This man needs to adopt the motto, "The More The Merrier."

5. Mr. Momma's Boy

No, not "Mr. Mom", you know the truly helpful Michael Keaton who cooks, cleans and love the children up. This ISN'T him. This man can often be found leaving cupboards open, clothes on the floor and asking you, "Where's my ____ ?" Unless you're born to be a care giver this may not be the best match. Ultimately you're gonna want a man, not a little boy.

6. Mr. What Day Is It?

This man can often be seen looking like a deer caught in your headlights on: birthdays, anniversaries and Valentines Day. This man can generally be harmless, unless you're the sentimental type. If so, this may not be a match made in heaven.

7. Mr. What's Your Friends Name?

AKA Mr. Player. This man will not be faithful to you. He can be seen ogling your friends and other unsuspecting women wherever he goes. This man is a walking red flag. Run the other way!

8. Mr. Public Affection, But Only When We're Out Babe

"I want all these other men to know that you're mine." This is the man that will keep you close at his side when you're out. That wouldn't be so bad, except it only happens in public. This is the man that doesn't like to cuddle behind closed doors. Beware.

9. Mr. In-between Jobs

"Hey, you don't mind picking up the bill do you? Great, I'm in-between jobs at the moment." Seems to me that Mr. In-between Jobs is ALWAYS in-between jobs. If you've got money to burn then light up ladies, if not then realize this dude's a typically LOSER. A fool and her money are soon parted. Don't be a fool.

10. Mr. Party

Oh brother. This guy is really just a kid, forever. He can be found trading his responsibilities for the night life. He knows all kinds of jokes and limericks. He's the life of the party. He's everyone's friend. But he's clueless. Unless you're perfectly matched with this guy, he will grow old, real fast!

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